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Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy our services. SynchroBit is currently in primary version, the Version Inizio. For more information about us and please click here. To get more information about the future versions of SynchroBit digital assets trading platform and its whitepaper, please visit

Working on is simply easy. You can try our digital assets trading platform by using the demo login provided on this page.

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Password : Synchrobit1!

User Registration Process

All people (excluding the residence of some territories and countries) with minimum 18 years old age are allowed to open account on For registration, please use your real name and surname, valid e-mail address, and active mobile number. By accepting the terms and conditions of use of, you can register

Activation of User Account

Upon registration, you’ll receive a welcoming email from which contains your username and temporary password which you can change after your login. Upon your login, you are kindly requested to complete your user profile with real information, including your residency address.

You’ll need to send us required documents for passing your KYC/AML and Proof of Address. You can simply upload these files. For more information about KYC/AML, please click here. You’ll need to determine the preferred way of contact for checking your information with our support team, including e-mail, SMS /Phone. Our support team will contact you to make sure of your information, and after your success in this phase, your account is a Verified User Account (VAU).

Making A Deposit

Upon your account verification process, you hold an Unverified User Account (UUA) which can only deposit with cryptocurrencies. There is no limit for your deposit amount, however, your 24 hours’ withdrawals are limited to 5 BTC (or equivalent to other cryptocurrencies).

By passing your KYC/AML and holding a Verified User Account (VUA) you are able to make deposits with PayPal as well. There is no limit for your deposits with fiat currencies with PayPal. You can simply deposit with Euro and USD and the amount will be automatically added to your fiat wallet.

We don’t charge you for your deposits with cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, however, you may pay the TX fees for blockchain and/or the fees determined by PayPal.

Making A Withdrawal

Users that hold Unverified User Account (UUA) can only make withdrawals with cryptocurrencies, with 5BTC (or equivalent to other cryptocurrencies) limit in 24 hours. charges only 0.05% for withdrawals. It’s important to note that, during your deposit with cryptocurrencies, you may need to pay the TX fees on the blockchain for your TX confirmation.

Verified Users can make withdrawals with the limit of 100 BTC (or equivalent to other cryptocurrencies) in every 24 hours.

Fiat withdrawals are open to these users; however, it depends on the terms and conditions imposed by the international banking regulations and only available to some countries. We charge normally 0.5% for fiat withdrawals in addition to the regular charges may be paid for international bank transfers. Fiat withdrawals with PayPal is also available for all PayPal account holders, however, we strongly recommend you to check limits on your account. It’s necessary to say that, fiat transactions (deposit / withdrawals), if any, should be paid by the user.

How to Start the Trade

Upon you made your deposit, you can start your trade. Right now, we provide various binary pairs for BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, USDT, XRP, XLM, BCH, and some other listed cryptocurrencies with both crypto and fiat currencies. You can use simple mode trade (Exchange) and Advanced mode trade.

Your trades on are P2P (peer-to-peer) and it means that you are dealing with our users anonymously. We won’t interfere in your deals.

You can set your pairs with different options including

  • Market Price: which means SynchroBit executes your order for buy/sell of your desired assets at the market price which is currently on
  • Limit: which means you can set a specific target price for buy/sell of your desired assets and will execute your order when there is a counter buy/sell order on the order book matching your desired limit.
  • Stop-Limit: which means that you can set a trigger for your desired buy/sell price as Stop and set your target price for buy/sell at this trigger, which can be set as Limit. will execute this order upon there was a matching order for your Stop-Limit on the order book.
  • Trend-Limit: it’s an exclusive trading option on which enables you to minimize your risks and trade on a specific price range that you desire. On Trend-Limit you can set two Stops (as your triggers) and two Limits (as your target price) eventually. Up Stop and Up Limit determined your expectation of increasing price change in a range, and Down Stop and Down Limit determined your expectation of decreasing price change in that range. will execute this order based on the time event which executes the order that will happen sooner. For example, if your up-stop and up-limit take place sooner than your down-stop and down-limit, will execute it sooner. Trend-Limit is a great solution for range traders to trade on various resistance and support points on a given price range in the market. Trend Limit is only available on Advanced Trade page.

Trade Fees

Currently the trade fees on SynchroBit are as low as 0.05%. for Trend-Limit this fee is 0.1%. However, by integration of SNB Token on, any trade with SNB Tokens will be with zero fees

How to Activate Security Features

On we have a special focus on our users’ security and we are using advanced firewalls and technologies to make the a safe platform. You can set your security features by going to Security section of the user profile. We strongly recommend you to activate 2FA.

SynchroBit Wallets benefits from the latest technology for wallet security. We don’t keep your wallets’ private keys and they are kept in public blockchain networks that are asymmetrically synchronized with Therefore, hacking your wallets on SynchroBit is somehow impossible!

In addition to decentralization of the cryptocurrency wallets, you need to approve any withdrawal request by both 2FA and email.

Fiat Wallets are highly secure and for any withdrawals request with fiat currencies, we have a precise procedure which includes phone call, documents check, and approval by two auditors at

Our security features are tough, but we did it just for your own safety and protecting your valuable assets on

How to Use Cold Wallet is well-synchronized with Trezor cold wallet. All you need to synchronize your Trezor with SynchroBit and transfer the founds directly to SynchroBit or Withdraw them directly to your Trezor Cold Wallet. In future versions, we’ll add new cold wallets to extend this feature.

How to Get Support

SynchroBit Support Team is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at your service via phone, chat, e-mail and online ticketing system. Please note that we have a restricted support service for Unverified User Accounts which is limited to e-mail support. Further instructions for SynchroBit Support Team are available here.

How to Get More Information

You can write your inquiries for In the meantime, you can read more information on FAQ page.